Ramadan 2013

So Ramadan (a month of fasting from Sunrise to Sunset has started this month) and like in most South Indian households (Chennai specifically), we eat a lot of Ganji (Kanji, Congee, Rice Porridge). With some side items… Today was our first iftar (Time to eat at Sunset) and I made ganji along with some Spinach Vada Pakoras and Parmesan Crusted Tandoori Chicken. Ganji is going to be a staple for the rest of this month however my side dishes are going to vary. So hopefully I can get as creative as I did today for the rest of the month ūüôā Happy Cooking and Have a Blessed ¬†month of Ramadan!¬†


2 thoughts on “Ramadan 2013

  1. MA says:

    but but but…where is the recipe? Ramzan Mubarak =)

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