Rava Kesari – Sooji ka halwa (Semolina Dessert)

½ tbs of butter
2 tbs of Ghee
5 – 6 almonds crushed (you can use more)
Handful of raisins (you can use more)
2 cups of Rava (Sooji – Semolina)
2 cups of sugar (or as per taste)
4-1/4 cups of water

In a non-stick pan add the butter and ghee and let it melt.
Add the crushed almonds and raisins and cook till raisins balloon up.


Add the sooji and roast till a nice aroma emits and it turns lightly brown.
Add the sugar and mix it well.


Once the sugar and sooji has been mixed well add the water to it and stir continuously.
Add saffron mixed with a few tablespoons of water and mix it well.
You can add kesari color to the sooji/rava halwa as well.


Mix well and cook till all the water dries up.
Cover and keep for a few minutes.
It’s best to let it cool down in the container you wish for it to be served as it will solidify and form the shape of the container.
Serve hot!


Enjoy! ☺

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2 thoughts on “Rava Kesari – Sooji ka halwa (Semolina Dessert)

  1. MA says:

    When I add sugar to the suji before adding the water, it caramelizes!

  2. Falak says:

    Maybe you add too much ghee? Mine didn’t and it’s best to add the sugar before you add the water to avoid lumps from forming. Do you wait too long before you add the water?

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