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Eggless Corn and Paneer Pierogi – Desi Pierogi / Momo’s

Eggless Corn and Paneer Pierogi – Desi Pierogi / Momo's.

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Curried Pepper Shrimp.

Omg, this recipe was beyond amazing. I totally loved it and I am not a big seafood person. Honestly my husband and I were just left wanting more. Enjoy! 🙂


A pinch of mustard seeds
1 onion – chopped
1 green chili – diced
1 packet of shrimp – 24oz
2 tbs vinegar
2 tbs lemon juice
½ tbs of desiccated coconut
Salt as per taste
Oil to fry

To marinate the Shrimp:
¼ tsp cumin powder
¼ tsp coriander powder
¼ tsp curry powder
¼ tsp red chili powder
A dash of black pepper (close 1/8 tsp)
½ tsp ginger paste
½ tsp garlic paste

Mix the shrimp with the above ingredients and set aside for half an hour.
In a non-stick pan/wok add oil and mustard seeds.
Let the mustard seeds sputter.
Add the onions and fry till slightly browned.


Add the marinated shrimp and green chilies and mix well for 2 minutes.
Add ½ cup of water and salt and bring to a boil.
Add the vinegar and lemon juice and cook for another 2 minutes.
Add the desiccated coconut and cook till most of the water disappears.


Continue stirring occasionally as we are drying up the water almost completely.


Serve hot with brown rice or roti. I ate mine with Near East wild rice.

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Lucknowi Katte Masalay ka Kheema – Minced meat with whole spices

Just realized the recipe didn’t publish before. So here ya go!

Desi Palate


So this is my mom’s recipe and she was kind enough to share it with me 😉 Alhamdullilah.

Be aware that this recipe is for the brave heart only and is absolutely delicious if you like a bit of spice in your life. The reasons why this recipe is called Katte Masala (meaning cut up or broken spices is because the garam masala spices are used as whole or broken rather than in the powdered form).

2 medium sized onions – Preferably in the same proportion of the Kheema you are using – Chopped
1 pound kheema (I used chicken) – Note this recipe can be made with chicken pieces or mutton pieces as well.
4-5 large pieces of dried red chillies
6-8 pieces of whole black pepper
2 pieces of the cinnamon stick
½ a piece of star anise
4 pieces of green cardamom (it is better to…

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Paneer Bhindi (Cottage Cheese with Okra)


Okra – how many ever you want – small pieces
1 pack of paneer – cubed
A pinch of mustard seeds
A pinch of sesame seeds
1 onion – sliced (long)
1 tomato – diced
½ tsp red chili powder
¼ tsp turmeric powder
¼ tsp coriander powder
¼ tsp cumin powder
1 tsp mango powder (Amchur powder)
1 tsp ginger paste
1 tsp garlic paste

Wash and dry the okra before chopping.
Chop okra and fry to brown on sides (this helps remove the stickiness).
Remove and set on a paper towel.
Add a little extra oil if needed on the pan
Add mustard and sesame seeds; fry till the sesame seeds turn very slightly brown.


Add the onions and fry till the onions turn translucent.
Add the chopped tomatoes and cook till the oil starts leaving the edges.
Add the ginger & garlic paste and cook till the raw smells disappears.
Add the paneer cubes and mix well.


Add the spices (red chili, turmeric, coriander and cumin powder)
Cook for 5 – 10 minutes.
Add ¼ cup of water followed by the fried okras.
Let it simmer on medium heat till all the water disappears (or as you like it).
When you are almost ready to serve add the mango powder and let it cook for 2 minutes.


Serve hot with chapatti or paratha.

Enjoy ☺

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