Yum Salad

The easiest and best salad in the world (well if you like a zero calorie dressing, i.e Vinegar!!!)


3 lettuce leaves – chopped
Handful baby spinach leaves – chopped
Half a cucumber – chopped
3 radishes – finely chopped
1 carrot – diced
Half a tomato – diced
1-½ tbs or 1 tbs of white vinegar
Black pepper – sprinkled
Salt (as per taste)

Handful chopped cilantro
¼ of an onion – diced
½ green pepper – diced
½ can of navy beans (wash well)

• Mix all the above ingredients and mix well (use your hands if you can as you’d like to get the tomato juice out a bit).
• You can add diced onions if you like but my husband doesn’t so I leave it out.
• You can also add chopped cilantro, diced green peppers (1/2 a green pepper) and navy beans.

If you don’t like vinegar use 1 tbs of Olive Oil and 1 tbs lemon juice.

Enjoy 🙂

(Note: I buy a radish bunch and remove the radish from the leaves and store it in a ziplock bag without washing it. The leaves tend to rot quickly so make sure you store the radish without the leaves).

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