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Mozzarella String Cheese Pakoras


Oil to fry – I shallow fry.
Shan Special Pakora Mix 1 packet
1 Green chili medium (chopped)
1 Onion medium (sliced)
1 tbs of Cilantro leaves (chopped)
Sprinkle of black pepper
1/4 tsp red chili powder
1 Mozzarella string cheese stick (cut up) – I used Weight Watchers as it is a harder mozzarella string cheese stick than others.



Mix the Shan pakora mix with one cup water.
Add the green chili, sliced onion and cilantro leaves with the pakora mix.
Add the chopped mozzarella stick in the batter and mix well.
Leave for 15-20 minutes.


Heat oil.
Pour a spoon of mixture in hot oil and fry the pakora until golden brown.

Serve hot mozzarella pakoras with mint chutney.


Nutella & Apple Jelly Cream Cheese Puff Pastries

Something yum and easy for Ramadan.



1 Puff Pastry sheet
Apple Jelly
Cream Cheese
1 egg

Defrost the puff pastry sheet for 40 minutes
Roll out the dough
Cut it into 4 pieces


Apply the Apple Jelly and Cream Cheese on 2 pastry sheets and fold one on top of the other like a sandwich.
Apply the Nutella on the other half and make a sandwich.
Cut the wrap into 4 more pieces and twist or fold based on your preference (I twisted the apply jelly pastry and folded the Nutella one).
Apply the egg lightly on the wrapped pieces (not too much as you don’t want to make it taste eggy) just for color.


Place in the oven at 375 deg and bake for 25 to 30 minutes.

Some of the jelly or cream cheese may leak out but it is all good. It tastes really good (I preferred this to the Nutella as it wasn’t overly sweet).

You can even add chocolate chips to the Nutella spread (I forgot in the last minute, oops).

Enjoy with tea.

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